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Rebar Android Managed Configuration

Monkton, Inc. 2018

Rebar enables enterprises to deploy Managed Configurations via MDM/EMM through the Managed Configuration protocols. The setting values are described in detail on the App Config file page.

By default, we support several settings to configure and manage apps built on Rebar. This also enables developers to implement their own settings within their apps to have managed configuration settings of their own

More information on Managed Config is available:

Rebar Managed Config

Rebar itself has a few managed configuration settings. Each of these settings will override settings set in app-config.json for each project.

  • rebar.api.url: defines the API url for the app
  • rebar.color: defines the color of the Rebar controlled screens
  • rebar.auth: allows configuration of the authentication provider, derivedkit or credentials are accepted values
  • rebar.tls.pinned: defines an array of strings for the TLS SHA512 hashes for pinned SSL certificates
  • rebar.useOCSP: if OCSP is enabled for SSL certificates
  • rebar.continueOnOCSPError: if the app should ignore OCSP errors

Custom Settings

Consuming custom managed configuration settings is simple. Rebar's io.monkton.rebar.util.ManagedConfig class provides an access point to the managed configuration settings for the app. It encapsulates the logic necessary to access the Managed Configuration settings for the app.

Retrieving a value is simple:

let keyedValue = ManagedConfig.instance.getString("my-key")