Rebar Mobile Enterprise Service Bus

Monkton, Inc. 2019

Executive Summary

This document provides a management guide to deploying and managing the Rebar Mobile Enterprise Service Bus (MESB) to build and deploy NIAP Compliant mobile apps. This guide will not focus on deploying the MESB, but instead only the management of the MESB. We will discuss specific hosted environment configurations as they are relevant - such as Amazon Web Service (AWS) specific management items.

Rebar MESB Setup

Rebar will launch in setup mode once it has been launched. The administrator will be taken through a quick setup wizard. This setup wizard will collect relevant information necessary to configure Rebar.

Auto Setup is available for advanced configurations in certain envrionments. Contact Monkton Support at for information pertaining to Auto Setup.

Database Configuration

To configure the Rebar MESB database you will need to supply the Root (SA) password, passwords for the Admin, API, and Services accounts.

  • SA is the root account that has global permissions.
  • API, Admin, and Services are separate accounts that have different permissions for different roles. The Admin account interacts with the Admin Portal. The API account provides interaction for the API/Web Services, and Services provides interaction for the backend jobs that run in the Rebar MESB.

Choose strong alpha-numeric passwords - preferably 64 characters in length to ensure strong entropy.

Application URLs

Rebar MESB requires that application URLs be configured. These URL values are used internally to configure email and other settings that may require references back to the Admin portal and API/Web Services. Paste the full URL, with the scheme prefix:

Administrative Account Configuration

Rebar MESB requires the configuration of the root administrator account. This account will be the first Super User account that can configure the Rebar MESB. This account can invite users, create groups, create apps, and a slew of other items.

After configuration, we strongly recommend using Yubico MFA tokens, which can be configured via the user settings page.

Rebar License Key

The Rebar License Key is obtained through the Rebar Customer Portal - once obtained, upload the encoded license here. This license will authorize certain domains, user limits, AAL2 support, and additional future license options.

Setup Complete

Once you have completed setup, you will see the Setup Complete scren. This screen will inform you that Rebar has been configured. Tap the Go to Login button to procede to login to the Rebar MESB.

Auto Setup

If Auto Setup is used, after setup is complete you will see the screen indicating Auto Setup has completed. You will then be able to login and continue configuring Rebar MESB.

Last Updated: February 02, 2019