Rebar Permission Libraries

Monkton, Inc. 2019

To satisfy NIAP requirements and Apple runtime settings, Monkton has broken out the permissions for iOS into separate libraries. Each library has as separate function for specific permissions. Depending on the permissions you request, the appropriate framework should be included into your project.

Framework Location

The Rebar Permission Frameworks are located in the /Library/Frameworks/Rebar folders and should be included from those directories.

Permission Frameworks

  • RebarPermissionsEvents.framework
  • RebarPermissionsMotion.framework
  • RebarPermissionsCamera.framework
  • RebarPermissionsLocation.framework
  • RebarPermissionsPhoto.framework
  • RebarPermissionsContacts.framework
  • RebarPermissionsMicrophone.framework
  • RebarPermissionsReminders.framework

Last Updated: February 02, 2019