support is turn key

Monkton has built integration for both iOS and Android to support Yubico for apps built with Rebar. With no code, developers can now support PIV for digital signatures and authentication.

Yubico 5Ci & 5C support

With Monkton, Rebar is the first app platform to support leveraging Yubico with PIV for iOS and Android. This means that digital identity on iOS will be supported the once Yubico 5Ci keys are available.

A single configuration setting in your app-config.json file will enable your app to authenticate with Yubico PIV enabled keys. Making support for PIV a turnkey feature. Be HSPD-12 compliant instantly:

"rebar.auth": "yubico-piv"

Rebar and Yubico are DoD Ready

Monkton was the first commerical company to support Purebred, now we are the first solution to support consuming Purebred on iOS devices with Yubikeys. This is in addition to our existing Yubico support for Andorid.

Rebar with Purebred just works. No additional configuration is required to leverage the DoD PKI - the integration works, and is the same as any other PKI provider.