Rebar enables repeatable, secure, mobile solutions

Embrace secure by default with Rebar by Monkton®. Build verifiably secure and NIAP compliant native mobile apps. From commercial solutions to TOP SECRET classified, we enable it all.

DoD Mandates NIAP

The Department of Defense (DoD) Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) released a memo on October 6, 2017 mandating that all DoD managed mobile apps be compliant with NIAP. Learn how Monkton can help your apps be compliant with NIAP today.

NIAP, The Gold Standard in Information Assurance

DoD and NIAP

NIAP is the NSA’s extension of Common Criteria, meant to streamline assessment of products for sensitive systems. We’ve built Rebar to adhere to both NIAP’s Application and Encryption profiles, meaning out of the box your organization builds mobile apps that are NIAP compliant. With our partner lab Acumen Security, you can evaluate your app with the NSA and quickly become validated with NIAP.

How else will your organization fend off state sponsored attacks? With just CWE or OWASP? Internally defined risk management frameworks?

Security by Design

With Rebar, the first line of code you write is compliant with NIAP. Using the cloud, Rebar can be deployed almost instantly - in 30 minutes you can be developing apps that can be run in classified systems or highly regulated environments.

Can you afford to not make security and compliance a foundational element of your business?

Is security a checkbox or a real risk for your organization?

Masonry, Compliance as Architecture

Monkton has developed Masonry, a Compliance as Architecture framework to help drive adoption of mobility within the government. Masonry is intended to be a guide for agencies to understand the requisite security controls necessary, from identity, mobile, and cloud to build secure production systems.

Masonry helps categorize mobile use cases and apply specific policies. Understand what use cases your organization may have for mobility and what policies are applicable to getting started with Mission Mobility. We have provided Masonry under the Creative Commons By 4.0 License, meaning your organization can use and customize Masonry without issue - all that is required is attribution to Monkton, Inc.

Common Criteria Validated

Monkton doens't just claim we conform to NIAP and Common Criteria, we have had apps built on Rebar go through the formal validation process and are listed on the NIAP and Common Criteria Portals.

Leveraging Rebar and our Security Targets, your organization has a fast path to NIAP Compliance and NIAP Validation.

We don't just ask for you to trust us, we suggest a proven "Trust but Verify" methodology. Combining trusted labs like Acumen Security to perform certification or Validation and automated tools, customers can have an ongoing compliance program virtually turn key.

What is the cost of non-compliance?

In 2017, cyber security shouldn't be considered a cost, but a functional part of protecting your business, your data, your customer data, patient data, constituent data, and your intellectual property.

Is non-complaince worth:

A drop in your company's stock price?

Your job?

Being drug in front of Congress?

Loss of valuable intellectual property?

A HIPAA violation?

A SEC Violation?

A hack of your critical infrastructure?